Between Fiction And Reality

This is our debut album. It was released on the 8th Alfa-Centauri electronic music festival on April 28th, 2001.

Our musical style is sequence oriented, with strings and ambient soundscapes. In the Groove news it was described as "powerfull sequences with good melodies, with many original sounds for a debut album" (read more).

All music was recorded with a 16-track harddisk recorder, without using any computer sequencer, so everything was recorded live.


Track Title Duration
1. Deep Down Under 9:00
2. Red or Blue 10:04
3. Between Fiction and Reality 14:34
4. Echoes from Another Dimension 12:47
5. Jules' Journey 8:13
6. Perception of Time 9:56
7. Science 6:19

Total playing time is 70:58